Thursday 9 April 2020

Blaze Dog Detective - The Magic Flag Mystery

The Magic Flag Mystery

For Rhona fans, the first time they will have met border collie Blaze fae Skye will have been in the current Rhona book Time for the Dead. It was during a walk with Blaze in the woods behind Ace Target Sports where he lives, that the idea of a book set on Skye with Blaze as Rhona’s forensic assistant, was born.

 Through his first fictional outing Blaze accompanied me on a book tour, was the first dog to ever appear at the Edinburgh Book Festival, and was also the first dog to appear at Bloody Scotland too, with his own badge!

It was a natural progession to imagine him in his own series of children’s books. I imagined a cross between The Famous Five (remember Timmy the dog?) and  the Scooby Doo gang. The Famous Five had a lot to do with me wanting to be a writer of crime novels. I loved the way the children and Timmy solved the crimes where adults couldn’t. Very empowering.

So after discussions with Blaze’s Dad, we set about creating The Magic Flag Mystery as the pilot for what we see as a series of adventures for Blaze Dog Detective and his team. Blaze’s team consists of the leader of the pack Blaze of course, with his legendary scenting powers, Laoch his wee brother, who still has much to learn, Rosa, a little girl from the travelling people who’s come to live on Skye, and Rory, who knows the island even better than Blaze does.

We were joined in our endeavours by artist Bronwyn Gilgallon who designed our book cover. Incidentally the image of Rosa is based on my granddaughter Kathleen when she was ten years old.

The book launched on 8th April 2020 as an ebook on Amazon, price £2.99 with the paperback published on 21st August 2020..

For all you Rhona fans out there here’s a chance for your kids (and you!) to be with Blaze on Skye for another adventure!

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30th August 2020:  Paperback The Magic Flag Mystery in bookshops!

21st August 2020:
Paperback version printed in Scotland.

12th April 2020:  After publication on 8th April The Magic Flag Mystery went straight into the Kindle Scottish Crime top 100 !!!


Chapter In My Life :
'That special bond between dog and child was expertly written, it’s a magical bond and one that will soften even the hardest of hearts. Read full review ...

Book Addict
'I really enjoyed this book, as it brought back childhood memories of another lovable Border Collie, Lassie and her adventures.' Read full review ...

Bookmarks and Stages :
'So this book is very much worth transporting yourselves to Skye and joining Blaze with his mischievous, fun brother in Skye, as he tries to solve this mystery' Read full review ...

Linda's Book Bag :
'I enjoyed The Magic Flag Mystery without reservation. It seemed to have the appeal that reminded me of my childhood addiction to Enid Blyton but with a fresh and modern feel that is unique to this setting and these characters too.' Read full review ...


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ACS Target Sports near Portree

Art by Bronwyn Gilgallon
                  Art by Bronwyn Gilgallon