Tuesday 28 August 2018

Day of Thunder in Aviemore

Another amazing day on Saturday in Speyside, with me getting a 'backie' on the 'Thunder In The Glens' rideout, and then a SINS OF THE DEAD book launch event with 'The Ladies of Harley' in Aviemore.
I'll just let the pictures (and video) tell the story ...   (may contain traces of Mary Grant)

I've come to the right place then ... ;o)
Definitely come to the right place !!!  :o)
With my biker (Jim from Dunedin Chapter HOG)
Waiting for the rideout to start with Fran and Jim, 'Mad Dog' McGuire (yellow hi-viz), 
and Alex Saunders, my Editor from Pan Macmillan

 Getting ready to roll ...
And we are off !!!

The Sunday Herald photographer (Paul Campbell) must have been VIP-spotting  ;o)

After a wonderful two hour experience on the rideout through Carrbridge (my village) and over the Dava Moor and through Boat of Garten and Grantown-on-Spey (for a pit stop), it was back to Aviemore for more bikes/books shenanigans ...

First time I've walked into a room where there were 100+ 'Ladies of Harley', the ladies of
Waterstones Aviemore selling my books, and free BLOODY SCOTLAND cocktails from
STIRLING GIN    ...    And the 'Ladies of Carrbridge' hadn't arrived yet!

Two 'Ladies of Carrbridge' were definitely on their way! #ScotrailBookLaunchExpress
Talking books and bikes ...
... more BLOODY SCOTLAND cocktails (from STIRLING GIN) ...
...  then  the 'Ladies of Carrbridge' arrived ...

... and I eventually got to sit down and relax.
Did I mention that Mary Grant (left) is in SINS OF THE DEAD?

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Tuesday 21 August 2018

Books and Bikers in Festival Edinburgh

Amazing day yesterday in Edinburgh with SINS OF THE DEAD events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and then at Waterstones bookshop on Princes Street.


 I 'll pretty much let the pictures (and video) speak for themselves ...

Meeting up with the Dunedin Chapter on Castle Street
Can we ride six Harleys into the Edinburgh Book Festival please?

Harleys, a Bloody Scotland umbrella, tartan tights, my new book ... what more do you need?
SINS OF THE DEAD - Book 13 in the Rhona MacLeod Series
The Ladies of Harley ...
... and with the boys
... with the boys again in the Spiegeltent (Antti Tuomainen and Russel MacLean) ...

... talking about books
...and signing books ...
... beside a man who makes me look small!
Then celebrating SINS OF THE DEAD at Waterstones West End ...

... and the perfect end to the day : BLOODY SCOTLAND cocktails from Stirling Gin
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Sunday 19 August 2018

The Voice that Changed My World: My Voice

The Voice that Changed My World: My Voice
By Soraya Mohamadi (Read by Lin Anderson)

There is a sports stadium full of people. There must have been about 4000 people. Young boys and girls, men, women, parents… Teachers… workers…

All are paying full attention, waiting, curious to hear more. On all sides red banners and placards are seen, with ‘8 March 2003’ in large letters, and more about it: March 8. International Women’s Day.

It’s my turn. The programme presenter calls me by name on the microphone. I am in black, my head covered with a horrible black shawl that I am forced to wear. I feel its heaviness on my head, but you can be sure I will just use it as a weapon against them. However much they want us to be made invisible by it, they can never stop me from voicing my beliefs.

I step toward the stage: light, heavy, anxious, proud, tall, straight and firm. For a second I glance round, scanning all the eyes and ears waiting to hear from me. Wow, this is just amazing and exactly what we wanted. I know I need to speak with my biggest voice to be heard by the world. I
start loudly, saying “Happy 8th of March, the symbol of freedom and equality, to you all great comrades and to the world.”

I really want the world to hear me. I am sure it is my loudest voice – but not sure if it is loud enough. But I am certain that it will be heard again, on five continents through satellite and social networks, by tonight at the latest.

I am quite anxious to let people hear all I want them to before I’m forced to stop by the enforcers of authority. I carry on, loudly announcing that the execution of prisoners by the Islamic regime is systematic murder arranged by a system that is supposed to be in power to protect citizens’
life. Moreover, it’s against human rights law, which condemns execution.

I feel, and hear, such strong power in me and my voice. I feel as string as a mountain and loud as a waterfall. Such an amazing moment. That day passed and we said what the public needed to know, before the darkness returned to enfold the daylight.

My comrades and I wanted our voices and strength to stir up a storm that would disturb the sweet dream of oppression. And before we were squashed back in to silence, at least we had broken the icy wall of fear that had locked the voices in our chests over more than 20 years of the regime’s power.

We still have a hard battle.