Thursday, 27 August 2015

Wow what a book : 5-Stars for The Special Dead

This is the latest book in the popular Rhona Macleod series and wow what a book it is.
The story begins where boy meets girl in bar, they go back to her flat where they have sex. The boy wakes up the next morning and finds the girl dead but he isn't sure if he killed her or not. What follows is an investigation into the complicated mystery and the shady characters that emerge. Rhona and DS Michael McNab (who has just been demoted) have to work together to solve the case before somebody else becomes the next victim of a crazed killer.
I really, really enjoyed this book. I was pleased to finish it but I was also sad to have finished such a great read. It was an insight into the world of Wicca, which I found very interesting as I previously knew nothing about Wicca and it was explained in an informative and non-judgemental fashion.
Lin Anderson writes in such a way that you are drawn in from the beginning and you stay until the end despite the roller coaster of emotions and twists & turns in the story. I was gripped from the first chapter. Indeed I felt as though I was really involved in the story (almost an invisible bystander) so to speak. I was also rooting for Rhona Macleod and felt as though I knew her as a result of Lin's descriptive & emotive language. The situations she described and people involved were very realistic.
I loved the characters of Rhona Macleod and DS Michael McNab. As is often common in crime novels, the lead characters are strong people but they have their flaws. They are both workaholics, have fractured & flawed personal relationships and they have disastrous love lives- everything is going well but almost too well and when people get too close, both Rhona & Michael seem to press a self destruct button and everything goes wrong. There is clearly a history between McNab and Rhona and it is true that there is some unfinished business there. Despite their personal history both Rhona & McNab work extremely well as part of a team.
I can't wait to read further books in the Rhona Macleod series. In fact after finishing this book I bought the rest in the series and I can't wait to read them.

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