Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Update & free eBook offer on 'Dead Close'

My Edinburgh-set short story Dead Close, which is on a special free eBook offer at Amazon until 30th August 2015, is in development as a movie, with casting due to start in a few weeks time.

The dead are closer than you think ...

Doug Cameron is about to retire after a distinguished career in Edinburgh’s police force, when an anonymous caller reports a woman being attacked in Greyfriars churchyard. During the investigation a mummified body is unearthed and Cameron comes to believe it’s his young wife, Rebecca, who disappeared 17 years before. Haunted by the one case he never solved, Cameron, a sceptic, has a series of disturbing and fragmented premonitions which begin with a mysterious girl who looks like Rebecca. As his real and unreal worlds collide Cameron thinks the girl holds the key, not just to the recent attack in the graveyard, but to what happened to Rebecca. But will the truth prove more terrible than the unknown ...

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(Dead Close eBook is free until 30th August 2015)
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