Friday, 2 September 2016




Every attendee at Bloody Scotland 2016 will receive a free book from Bookdonors, the new headline sponsor for this year, to celebrate the diversity of crime genre.

Bookdonors is a not for profit social enterprise, based in Tweedbank in the beautiful Scottish Borders. The organisation trades in used books for the benefit of people, charities and the environment with 100% of sales used to fulfil its social mission. Bloody Scotland co-founder Lin Anderson, who helped launch the company’s new website earlier in the year said, “This is a fantastic initiative, which will hopefully encourage people who come to Bloody Scotland to try out new authors, which is part of the joy of being an avid reader.”

Lin Anderson with 'her' Bookdonors van

Any person who has already read the free book they receive will be able to visit the Bookdonors stand, in the Golden Lion and swap it for something else. “The aim is to get people talking and sharing their passion and knowledge of crime fiction”, adds Tom Kenny, Bookdonors Managing Director. “Getting 10,000 books to the venues, in a short period of time, will be an interesting logistics challenge”, he added, “but our drivers in the distinctive branded Bookdonors vans, will be up for the challenge.”

Chris Brookmyre will also be doing signings at Stirling Books and the Oxfam bookshop at 10.30am on Sunday 11th September in Stirling, as a further example of community engagement and recognising the valuable work done by charities and independent bookshops. Both of these shops already work in partnership with Bookdonors, who collect from 500 charity shops across Scotland


So, if you haven't booked already, please come to the 5th Bloody Scotland, 9-11th September 2016, and get your free book.

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