Saturday, 13 February 2016

Now hear this ...

The audio version of The Special Dead was released in December, and I'm please to see it sitting at No.53 in the UK Amazon top 100 for Police Procedurals (as below).

The reader is Sally Armstrong, who was born and educated in Glasgow, before attending the Birmingham School of Speech and Drama. She has worked extensively in theatre, TV and radio, and fell into the world of audio books by a happy accident. Sally won the 'TORGI' award for Bhudda Da by Anne Donovan and was nominated for the 2008 Audio award for The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penney. She lives in London and on the beautiful Island of Bute.

There is a link on the audiobook pages on the Amazon websites that allows an audio sample to be played:-

There is also now a link on the Amazon book/eBook website pages that allow the same audio sample (from the audio book) to be played:-

If you haven't heard Sally read before (she has read for previous Rhona MacLeod audio books), it is worth a listen to the sample, as she makes a great job of telling the story.

Rhona MacLeod series Book 10:-
Audio: The Special Dead #UK
Audio: The Special Dead #US ►
Audio: The Special Dead #CA ►
Audio: The Special Dead #AU ►