Friday, 19 June 2015

That First Time You Read The First Chapter

The first time I read out the opening of a new book to an audience is an exciting and a scary experience.  Each book in the series arises out of that first scene, which I see very visually. Once written down, that scene doesn’t change. It’s what the rest of the book is built on. In The Special Dead (out August 13th) a young man goes on the pull in Glasgow – 'be careful what you wish for'  probably sums up what happens next. 
The majority of the audience at my event earlier this week at Bookpoint in Dunoon were book club members and had read The Paths of the Dead, which opens in a spiritualist church in Glasgow and there were plenty of questions and comments about the characters, and the paranormal aspects of the story. 
I was surprised and pleased at the "I've been there" response to my portrayal of male awkwardness/competitiveness as The Special Dead begins. There was also an outbreak of doll-fear (like the clown-fear from my The Reborn readings, but Barbie-themed).

In summary, it was a fun event, and I was delighted to support independent bookselling, and now I know that reading the start of the The Special Dead does grip, entertain, and make readers want to find out more.